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Accordion For Concertina


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Hi there, I have wanted a concertina for a long time now but have never had enough money. I recently aquirred an accordion and would very much like to trade it for a concertina.


A little information about the accordion:


It is a lage piano accordian made by Guerrini Company

I do not know much about it or what it is worth but here is some info...

It has 41 treble keys and a whopping 140 bass buttons.

It is made of wood with a black finish and is highly decorated.

On the outside on the bass end, there is a plate on the back that says "special".

The number 257 is on a few places in the inside.


The accordion is in fairly good condition, although I am by no means an expert.

Currently, the accordion doesn't make any noise when no buttons are pressed.

All of the mechanisms(action?) work well but a few of the keys squeek when pressed. I suppose that can be fixed with some lubrication. The reeds all work except for one on the base side and the ones that do work probably need to be tuned... but I'm pretty tonedeaf so I don't know.


The outside of the accordion seems to have little specks of white paint on it for some reason. All the hardware is intact except for one of the side closures and one button on the bass side.


I am basicly looking for any concertina that is in fairly good condition(playable) although a minor fixer-upper is fine with me. Smaller concertinas are a definate plus. Either anglo or english systems will do


Let me know if you are interested and/or have some questions.


Thanks! jesse@nbtsc.org

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Hmm... perhaps I would have better luck on an accordion forum?

The newsgroup rec.music.makers.squeezebox is a possibility. I think there may be forums like this one for accordion people, but since I'm not one, I haven't paid great attention to previous discussions here of accordions. A search on the word "accordion" might help, though.


I suspect that rather than a trade, you're might need to separately sell the accordion and buy a concertina. And you may be surprised at relative prices.

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