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Merlin 34 B, Modified Jeffries


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Re-listed in this forum only. Price reduced.


Contact me for price and any other information you might wish to know. I am the second owner of this instrument. It did spend sometime in Columbus, Ohio at a fellow concertina players house, Bill Hamilton, who was a member of this site until he died a few years back. His sister sent it back to me. He was a great guy and a serious lover of the concertina and Irish music.

He kept very good care of it and I did not have any problems with it upon its return except a loose reed from shipping.








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As Asked, I have provided the notes for each of the 34 buttons on this Merlin Anglo Concertina. Very well thought out I would say, especially for chording.


Left Hand Accidental Row E, /F, A, /B, flat C#/Eb A/G G#/Bb Right Hand Accidental Row c#/c# F#/e flat g#/g c'#/b flat a/d'


C, /G, G, /B, C/D E/F G/A e(b)/E Red denotes the A/G# c/B e /d g/f c'/a e'/b

add'l four buttons

B, /A, D/F# G/A B/c d/e F/C b flat/g# g/f# b/a d'/c' g'/e' b'/f'#

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