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The Dualo - Midi Concertina/accordion Type Of Thing

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Not sure what to make of this, I think that it has an EC-style isomorphic(?) keyboard[*] and will be in full production this spring:




http://en.dualo.org/ in English, or http://dualo.org/ in French


They will cost about 1000 Euros


[*] Cant figure out what it is but it seems to be a bit like a EC with the scale alternating between the hands, see:


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Makes notes reading easier

On the left keyboard there are notes on staff lines and on the right keyboard, the notes on spaces.


It does seem to be kind-of based around the principle of Wheatstone's English concertina fingering, only sideways... :huh:


What a pity my new passport didn't arrive in time for me to go to the Musikmesse this year (nobody told me they'd changed the issuing system so drastically), I could have got to "have a go" on one! :rolleyes:

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On each side the arrangement is the "harmonic table layout", with the two sides setup to realize the English's idea of having a scale alternate from hand to hand in a sensible manner, and to give "lines on the left...".

On the English, a downward pointing close triangle is sometimes major, sometimes minor (non-isomorphic).
On the dualo, a given shape is always of a given flavor, in this respect it is more like a Hayden (isomorphic).
Another way to look at it: it's taking alternating (slanted) rows of a Hayden and assigning them the the left-hand-side, right-hand-side, left-hand-side, so on.

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