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Tidder Concertinas, Any One Know Anything About Tidders?


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A 20 button George Jones that has good pictures of the reed-pan, with what are clearly broad brass reeds similar to those in my Tidder. If anyone out there has any further information on these reeds and their manufacture, please feel free to share. http://www.ebay.com/itm/G-JONES-20K-BRASS-REED-ANGLO-CONCERTINA-RENOVATED-TUNED-CG-CONCERT-PITCH-/282292750506?hash=item41b9f588aa:g:5BsAAOSw241YUv0T

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Another e-bay listing with some similarities to other Tidders that I have seen. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/English-Concertina-for-Restoration-Old-/112440561486?hash=item1a2dfacf4e:g:W6oAAOSw-89ZPrQ2


Of note are:

1) the tan/brown valves

2) Mahogany ends with detailed fret work

3) soft wood action board

4) left side serial number-as noted in another post, the right hand action board stamp 'R' on Tidders has unique features.

5) brass reeds, broad, non-tapered type, similar to my Tidder anglo- as Stephen mentioned, not as wide as Jones' broad reeds

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On 12/30/2018 at 10:25 AM, nicx66 said:

I suspect that this offering is, indeed, a 'Tidder', though not certain without pictures of the internals. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-30-Key-Anglo-Concertina-Probably-By-Lachenal-C1870/173713164481?hash=item28721c88c1:g:1k0AAOSwVcVcJ358:rk:4:pf:0


The one you linked to has the Lachenal trademark on it, so I would guess that it's a Lachenal:s-l1600.jpg

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On 2/28/2014 at 1:47 AM, Stephen Chambers said:


... I've meanwhile (again) been trying to find William Henry Tidder on the 1861 or 1871 Censuses (which could throw some light on how he got into the trade) but without success so far. However, I have found his father, Joseph Thomas Tidder, is listed as an "Umbrella Maker" in 1841 and 1851, and on his (second) Marriage Registration in 1854, but his father, Job Tidder is listed as a "Gun Maker" (as are some other Tidders) :huh:


The entry isn't at all easy to find because the family name is almost illegible on the 1861 Census, but I found Joseph T. Tidder, 45, "Gun Stocker" [someone who makes/fits the wooden stocks for guns], Sarah Tidder, 40, and William Tidder, 14, at 1, Hawkins Street, Mile End Old Town. The address is highly significant because it is a turning off Jubilee Street and only 5 streets (500 yards) due-north of George Jones' (pre-fire) premises at Crombies Row (on the north side of Commercial Road), and his (post-fire) premises at Lucas Place (diagonally opposite on the south side of Commercial Road, on the corner with Sutton Street).


Though still no better than (good) circumstantial evidence, this makes it seem even more likely that Tidder was one of Jones' 15 apprentices. Living in such an extremely convenient location (as well as being the right age for starting an apprenticeship) in 1861, combined with the similarity in the careers that they followed, would seem a very remarkable coincidence otherwise.


I've highlighted the relevant streets/addresses on the scan (below) from Stanford's 1862 Library Map of London and its Suburbs.



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22 hours ago, Stephen Chambers said:

The entry isn't at all easy to find because the family name is almost illegible on the 1861 Census ...


I've recently done some research on the original Lachenal owners after Elizabeth Lachenal passed the firm on, and found that the transcriptions on anc*stry are often total rubbish, which makes many searches near impossible. More reliable transcriptions are on www.familysearch.org, and the transcriptions give the census references so you can check out the original census returns with a bit of difficulty.


Without checking back through the contributions on this thread, all the familysearch hits give Tidder as associated with Mile End (or near) from birth to death. And in answer to one of your earlier queries (although you probably know by now) people can appear twice (perhaps even more) in electoral registers - the Lachenal Little James Street property is described as a 'joint tenement' listing three of the remaining Lachenal owners who lived at other addresses in London in the late 1880s/ early 1890s.

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