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Roger Digby's New Cd Is Out

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Hi all,


I just listened through Roger Digby's new CD with fiddler Liz Giddings, entitled The Passing Moment. It is a superb blend of Anglo, fiddle and voice (some great singing by Bob Davenport), as well as of English, Irish and Scottish tunes. Roger's playing is, as usual, immensely satisfying....perfect tempo, amazingly accurate, and with just the right amount of left hand bass notes, octaves and chords. Those on this Forum know that Roger is a very experienced player with a deep respect for traditional approaches to music, and so it is no surprise that the CD is all about the tunes, and not about ephemeral flash and glitter. My favorite parts are (surprisingly) the Irish tunes; I know that Roger has very much enjoyed Mary MacNamara's playing in recent years, and those tracks show a wonderful feeling for that music. I highly recommend this recording; it will be at the top of my CD pile for months ahead.


Here is the blurb from the Veteran records site, along with a link to the cover artwork and track listing at the Veteran site. It is also available at Amazon.






Liz Giddings & Roger Digby


Roger Digby (anglo concertina) and Liz Giddings (fiddle) are both known for their commitment to traditional English dance music. Roger goes back to the earliest days of Flowers and Frolics in the mid-1970s; Liz, a generation younger, currently plays in the English String Band alongside some of the other best fiddle players in the country.

On their first CD together, The Passing Moment, they bring their passion, talent and distinctive accuracy to a wider range of traditional music with tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Newfoundland as well as England all presented with drive and lively excitement. On many tracks they are joined by a rhythm section which is comprised of various combinations of banjo, piano, bass and percussion and features such experienced musicians in the field as Ken Lees and Ted Stevens.
Together they have created a CD of tunes, many of them unusual and little known, which is vibrant and rewarding to listen to and which never loses sight of the fact that this is dance music and must be played as such. A further guest artist is Bob Davenport, one of the country’s most respected and loved traditional singers, now in his 82nd year. Bob sings Frank Quinn’s ‘The Old Mill Stream’, Graves’ setting of W.B.Yeats ‘Down by the Sally Gardens’, the traditional ‘Tramps and Hawkers’, and also creates a wonderful new interpretation of Richard Thompson’s ‘The Old Changing Way’.
This CD will delight lovers of real traditional music.

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Now have "The Passing Moment"; played it several times and would endorse everything that Dan has said! Lovely lively playing of tunes from a wide variety of traditions with the bonus of some great tracks by Bob Davenport. Do get a copy.



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