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C/g Wooden Ended Edgley Professional Model For Sale


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This is a wooden ended "tree of life" Edgley C/G with wheatstone fingering. It is a professional model which Frank has described as having a very distictive tone. The instrurment has been played for less than 10 hours. I never got the chance to learn it. I got it when I had the money thinking I'd learn it, but never did make it happen. Now I have my first baby on the way and chances are even slimmer of me learning a new instrument, and I really need the money. I have tried to sell this instrument before. (once when I was in Romania, and a few times since) If you look at my post history you will see the instrument has been vouched for. Frank Edgley has said himself he will vouch for it. I have been trying to get what I paid for it. ($3100.00 US dollars.) This is not your ordinary sounding Edgley. I know I have a gem of an instrument and I have been holding out for the full price, but now I am really in need as I have my first child being born in March, and would take a little loss if need be. I would appreciate full price, but am taking offers. The instrument is actually at my parents house in Wisconsin, and I am living in Oregon now. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the instrument. You can call me directly if you wish: (Pacific time zone)

Home (541)846-8954

Cell (920)905-9642


This is the description off of Frank Edgley's blog:

4/ "Special" wooden-ended "Tree of Life" model. This instrument is constructed of African Bubinga, with pau ferro and bloodwood trim and special handles. Professional Model with deep seven fold bellows and angled reedpans. This will be a very distinctive instrument.

(see May 3, 2010 for design appearance)


This is the photo on the Edgley site:




I have some more photos that I can send to your email. I am having trouble uploading more than one onto this post.

My folks have skype and can show you the instrument via skype if you want.

Anyway I think that is pretty thorough. Let me know if you are interested



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