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Good Fitting Concertina Cases?


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I've only got a soft case for my Lachenal, and was wondering if anywhere sells snug fitting hard cases for them?


I've seen several nice boxes that are sold with new concertinas, which have:

  • hard casing
  • horizontal storage (so the concertina is on its side when in the box)
  • padding around the sides (so the bellows are pushed closed, instead of being able to open or wiggle about while stored)

Is there anywhere to buy cases like this for different makes of concertina? Or are all concertinas so different that they'd need to be made to measure?


I'm based in the UK, but can probably order from anywhere within Europe.

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I contacted Marcus Music, and Dave Marcus was extremely helpful. Unfortunately I think the box they offer didn't seem to be quite a good fit for my concertina (it seemed that there'd be too much room around the edge for the concertina to wiggle around in while moving).


The Button Box seem to offer a nice option where they have a box that they fit corner blocks to based your specifications. Is there anyone who does this in the UK?

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Years ago, I bought a case from a guy named John Fallon. A John Fallon case came with my Edgley at the time, so I ordered a blocked case from the same case maker. The cases are blocked, have aluminum-reinforced edges, and each one has a shoulder strap so you don't have to use up a hand carrying one concertina.


I don't know if John Fallon is still making cases. I can't find "Fallon Cases" on the web. I just now sent an email to the email address that I last used in 2005 and I still have not received an email indicating invalid address yet. So, maybe he is still around.

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