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"irish Concertina Styles"

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Hi, Chris


I assume you're referring to the Topic/Free Reed album "Irish Traditional Concertina Styles." I have a copy of the album on vinyl. It was issued in 1977. I haven't listened to it for ages, so your query will prompt me to go back to it. Here's the track/artist list.


Side 1


1. King of the Clans (reel) played by Sonny Murray of Ennis, co. Clare

2. Untitled/Behind the Bush in Parkhanna (set tunes) played by Ellen O'Dwyer of Limerick

3. Kit O'Mahoney's (jig) played by Paddy Murphy of Co. Clare

4. The Mountain Road (reel) played by Gerald Haugh of Lisseycasey, Clare.

5. Two Unnamed Reels played as a duet by Solus Lillis and Tom Carey of Cooraclare, Clare.

6. The Fairy Child (slow air) played by Michael MacAogain of Dublin.

7. The Argrume Set (set dance) played by Ellen O'Dwyer.

8. The Barn Dance (barn dance) played by Ellen O'Dwyer.

9. Sean sa Cheo (mistakenly listed on the album as 'Chancy Cheory', probably a mis-hearing) and Come West Along the Road (reels) played by Sonny Murray.

10. The Morning Dew (reel) played by Sonny Murray.

11. The Spike Island Lasses (reel) played by Sean O'Dwyer of Dublin (son of Ellen and brother to accordion great Finbar Dwyer).


Side 2

1. Jenny's (Jerry's?) Beaver Hat and other jigs played by Ellen O'Dwyer.

2. Toss the Feathers/Drowsy Maggie (reels) played byEllen O'Dwyer.

3. The Mason's Apron (reel) played by Paddy Murphy.

4. Sean O'Dwyer's Fling/ The Kerry Hornpipe (flings) played by Sean O'Dwyer.

5. The Kesh Jig played byt Gerald Haugh.

6. The Clare Jig (Stack's Favourite) played by Slus Lillis and Tom Carey.

7. Air from Thomas Moore played bySolus Lillis.

8. The Fairy Hornpipe (sic) played by Michael MacAogain.

9. March played by Ellen O'Dwyer.

10. Mrs. O'Dwyer's Fancy (set dance) played by Ellen O'Dwyer.

11. Apples in Winter (jig) played by Solus Lillis and Tom Carey.


That's the complete track listing. If you want information about the players which the sleeve notes provides, just let me know.


Tom Ryan

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Hello folk


Since you brought it up....Does anyone know where to find a copy of this wonderful recording? I have been trying to find one for a while. I suppose it is out of print and was not ever available on CD. I would appreciate any suggestions or offers.





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Does anyone know where to find a copy of this wonderful recording?

I don't know about this particular one, but some of the LPs in this series of recordings have been re-issued by Green Linnet in the USA as CDs, and Ossian in Ireland as tapes. Its probably worth checking their current catalogues.

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