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Wanted: Concertina Case

Chris Timson

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I got my box (with my G/D hybrid) from Marcus Music and its one of the best I have come across in the UK, bar bespoke makers. Marcus sells them separately as well. Have a day out there? Marcus is welcoming, at least he/they were to me when I visited (my wife had to drag me out after an hour or more of mardling and trying boxes) and subsequently at a distance and the historic house in whose grounds they are situated is worth a visit as well


Also have a look at Piano Covers on LIne, a friend of mine brought his box for his C/G Lachenal from them cheaper than Hobgoblin and in three different sizes.





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I got my box (with my G/D hybrid) from Marcus Music and its one of the best.


A thought, definitely a thought, thanks.


Storm/pelican 2075


Looks like a good case but probably more than I need. Worth remembering for future though. Thanks.


If you would like an "Authentic Style" Jeffries case then try Harriet Havers in Newark ,yes thats Lincolnshire . I am sure that she is quite able to make you one. If you can't find her P M me for the details


That would also be more than I need, but again worth knowing about. Thanks.


Cheers all,



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