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Jody Kruskal - Concert And Workshop

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I'm teaching a workshop and singing a house concert in Western Massachusetts this weekend.

I hope some of you can attend.


Saturday 18 January, 2014

3:00 pm WORKSHOP, $20

6:00 pm Potluck

7:30 pm CONCERT, $15

(or $30 for workshop plus concert!)

followed by a song session until late!


28 Center St. Montague MA

Contact: wiIl.quale@gmail.com

or call 413-362-9264

reservations appreciated

The Concert - "Direct from Brooklyn, NY, a master of the unruly anglo concertina, squeezing out vintage American songs and tunes that are hilarious, gritty, and true ... stories of train wrecks and wrecked marriages, death row convicts and lonesome lovers, heroes, losers, swaggering braggarts, lazy slackers, and slapstick fools. Plan to join in the chorus!"

All instruments welcome for the workshop!

Short individual lessons in a round robin setting. Each student, at his or her own pace, gets a turn to work with Jody on a tune, song, exercise or a playing issue of technique and style. As individual issues come up, the entire group will participate on their own instruments. We all learn from each other and offer gentle, constructive, and specific suggestions for expanded possibilities and musical growth.

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Jody, probably not a big deal since it's easy enough to figure out, but there are some letters swapped around in Will's email address...


Can't possibly make it, alas--I've been seeing Facebook posts from time to time about interesting events at that venue and hope to get to one of them eventually, but time constraints and being dreadfully out of practice mean this one isn't it.

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