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Skype Teachers And Concertina Events?


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I was wondering about two things:


1) Does anyone teach concertina lessons via skype? I've tried searching for this, but haven't found much current information (I've had no luck with finding a local teacher sadly)


2) Are there many regular/one-off concertina workshops/events that happen? I know about the Noel Hill one, but I'm guessing there might be others? Do these get listed anywhere central, or is the best thing to just keep an eye on the forums for them?


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Not exactly Skype, but Internet based is the On-line Academy of Irish Music. It isn't interactive, you watch a lesson and then follow it. There are three concertina courses, starting with Basic. 6 free lessons to start with, so you can find out if the approach suits you at no cost. Even when you subscribe, the cost is very low. There is a forum if you feel the need to discuss anything. Check it out at:




I've found it helpful, particularly to avoid falling into mistakes, but also to follow a development path that they have obviously put some thought into.


I do find playing along to someone else playing concertina a bit testing - one strident instrument following another - play a bum note and you have a room full of clashing harmonics. It's also tricky to stop and start the video when your hands are stuck inside concertina straps! So I follow the lesson to learn the recommended fingering, ornamentation etc, but then download the .abc of the tune and play it at the speed that suits me on an abc player, using a very different voice. I find acoustic piano good - it neither resembles whistle, flute or concertina and is a pleasant sound that won't irritate. They supply the abc code in the form of a .pdf file, but if you Select All and Copy, you can then paste or import it into your favourite .abc player.


I even add chords to the .abc coding. I find that the illusion of playing along with others helps make practice more fun. Don't tell anyone!


P.S. Has anyone found an abc chord generator that actually works? I usually try the automatic chord generator, lie around laughing for a bit, then work out the real chords. It's doing wonders for my music theory and guitar playing too!



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