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Thanks To The Core

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Thanks for appreciating the "core" members... and quite rightly too. But what about the vast majority of c.neters... the lurkers who read and never or rarely post? They are valued members too and I would like to say "thank you" to them as well.


They are akin to an audience that does not perform on stage but by their attention gives weight and meaning to the discourse. Bravo lurkers! (You know who you are).


Ah, the lurkers...yes very important. I admit to being a lurker, collar turned up, hat brim pulled down, skulking around these forums without signing in, keen not to be noticed.


What a colourful and apt description of us as "lurkers" Jody. Thanks for saying thank you to us. I'm feeling more important already.


PS. I'm not taking the piss, I like "lurkers".


Cheers Steve.

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