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Happy Christmas

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Well, since other people have put up some music I'll put this up, if that's OK - probably won't be because there's no concertina in it :( However it is a carol written by Anne and performed only last Sunday (that's me singing the bass line) so we can't make it much more seasonal ...


Green Grows the Holly



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Chris, that's very nice, both in terms of the carol itself (my compliments to your wife!) and the pub performance - really enjoyed it!

Besides, I liked the folky "The Holly and the Ivy" too, having participated in performing the very different setting by John Rutter as a (bass) chorist very recently...

I hope you both had glad Christmas days!

Havíng just recorded a German Carol I must admit that I already have the squeeze of my dreams!

Great work! A very thoughtful arrangement. Loved it.


Thank you for the kind remark - glad you like it!

And Jody, didn't you play "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" last year at the Seaford Folk Club? I still remember the whole of your "veni - vidi - vici" performance very well...


I wish you a Happy New Year! :)



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