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Edgley Professional For Sale

Bill N

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I find myself with too many concertinas, and must reluctantly part with one. I am offering an Edgley Professional, #264, made in 2009. It has solid ebony frames, raised stainless steel ends, and black seven-fold bellows. It is in C/G tuning, with a Jeffries layout. The action is very fast and responsive, and the bellows are nicely broken in. It is a joy to play.


I am attaching an MP3 to give an idea of the tone, but go to Frank Edgley's website to hear what these instruments are truly capable of.



I will include the hard case shown in the pictures. There is currently a set of home-made, very supple hand straps on the concertina, but I will include a set of new Edgley hand straps as well.


The only flaw is some scuffing and minor scratching in the laquer finish (visible in the photos). This doesn't penetrate into the ebony.


I am in the Toronto, Ontario area (Hamilton) if anyone would like to try it out. I will also be in the Los Angeles area over Christmas, so that's a possibility.


I will take the best offer over $2,200 Canadian. Shipping will be extra. PM me for more info. I will make a contribution to C.net if this sells.



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Are you in the L.A. area now? I'm in San Diego, would love to check it out. I have a much older C/G Edgley (also very nice) I was thinking of selling to get one of his more recent instruments...





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Hi Michael,


Sorry for the delayed response- was travelling yesterday and didn't have computer access. I'm in Claremount now, and had hoped to come to the session at the Auld Dubliner in Long Beach today, but family commitments intervened. In any case, I didn't bring the Edgley with me, since I hadn't had any response to this posting. I recently acquired a Kensington (reason for selling the Edgley) and am travelling light, so just brought that with me.


The Edgley is great- my only complaint is that it is a Jeffries layout, and I found it tough going back and forth between it and my Wheatstone Morse.



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It's still available. Since i posted this, i have refinished the ebony frames, and it looks as good as new. I have also ordered new hand straps from Frank Edgley. I have more sound files which i can send you if you PM me.

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