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Herrington Square Anglo Concertina

Bruce McCaskey

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I've had this Herrington Square Anglo Concertina (in C/G tuning) for about nine months. The layout is "Modified Wheatstone" with a double C#/D# like the Jeffries and also a double G#/A# on the right side. To accommodate the latter, the last button at the bottom of the right side G row was used. I have a button chart for anyone seriously interested.


The prior owner told me he'd purchased it from Harold about four years ago with the notion of learning to play it but never really took to the Anglo system. I didn't need another concertina but I purchased it with the idea that I'd find someone looking for a good instrument to learn on and would pass it to them.


Some prefer the traditional hexagonal shape but I like the novelty of a square Anglo and there aren't too many of these around. I think the endplates are made of stainless steel, but that's an opinion and not a claim, in the associated photos they reflect the countertop pattern. A hard case and additional custom-sized soft case (that goes over the hard case) is included with the instrument.


$1,400 for this and you pay the shipping.

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Bruce, I'm sure the ends are stainless steel, that's what Harold always used. So no worries about chrome or nickel silver corrosion. Harold's instruments are always loud and very strongly built. My favorite concertina is a 6-sided Herrington C/G that I play almost incessantly (according to my wife). I second the endorsement!




P.S. A friend of mine is looking to sell one identical to this one but in G/D. PM if interested.

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I can't speak for the prior owner but I've never listed this on Craig's List. However, if the one you saw on Craig's list was in good condition, I agree that for that price you should have jumped on it.


By the way, I realized that I hadn't mentioned the layout (Jeffries or Wheatstone) so I've edited that into the original post above. This one is a little unusual in that it not only has a C#/D# and D#/C#, but also a G#/A# and A#/G#. The chart from Mr. Herrington called this a "Modified Wheatstone Layout" but his chart doesn't reflect the unusual A#/G# (reverse of the outer row button) so I assume it was a custom request.

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