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Crane Duet Concertina - Videos By Uk Player Geoff Lakeman


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I have set up a new You Tube channel to demonstrate playing of the Crane duet concertina- firstly for some of my songs, although I may add some tunes later.


The instrument is a 1926, 58-button Wheatstone, steel-reeded duet. Hope you enjoy them.


The songs are:


"Jim Jones" -an Australian transportation ballad.



"I Only Have Eyes For You" - a classic Tin Pan Alley song written in 1932 by Al Dubin and Harry Warren.



"My Own Dear Galway Bay" - not the ' Galway Bay" song that begins :" If you ever go across the sea to Ireland...." made famous by Bing Crosby...but the trad' song, written in 1895 by Francis Fahey, that is sung by the people of Galway.( a much better tune in my humble opinion).



"Tie' em up" - a self-written, sort of angry protest " shanty" - about the limiting of fishermen's days at sea in the South West of the UK.



"Rule and Bant" - another self-written song, about two men who were entombed , but eventually rescued after five days, at the Drakewalls Mine in Gunnislake, Cornwall in 1889.


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Geoff, great playing and singing I particularly liked your own compositions. You sing "Jim Jones" a lot slower than I am used to hearing and singing it, but it was enjoyable. The way I learnt the song years ago, here in Australia, it was a lot bouncier and a faster tempo.

I don't know if you have ever come across songs by the late Don Henderson, an Australian song writer and singer. I think you would particularly like "Thirty Ton Line" a song about the men and tugs working in adverse conditions. Danny Spooner, an expat Londoner, who plays English Concertina has released some of Don's songs on his CD's. You may enjoy them.



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I just wanted to add my thanks for these posts. What a lovely sounding instrument, and voice to match. I especially relished the singing on your Jim Jones and the playing on Rule and Bant. Great songs. I look forward to hearing more. Cheers again.

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