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When Did People (Largely) Stop Making Duets?


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Thanks for your interest. Indeed no video about me playing concertina. Just a few with accordion... Here is an old Myspace https://myspace.com/thomasrestoin but I will try to post some video wich will be more interesting than audio files for those who are interested about my chromatic duet.


...Thomas Restoin who, like many people in Europe probably started playing the Chromatic Button Accordion at age 7....

I take that for à compliment but I began to learn accordion (diatonic) when I was... 24!...
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Ok, so I am puzzled by the recent tack this thread has taken.


I have wondered from time to time about switching to a duet and the apparent logic and regularity of the Hayden layout appeals to me.


I thought that I had read that, for the most part, a large Hayden was basically the same as a small Hayden except that you have access to more key signatures. That sounds pretty good to me. Moving up from an Elise would not involve learning (m)any new note layouts or chord patterns - just play the same patterns on a different part of the keyboard. A bit like a capo on a guitar. Am I wrong?


Now, John Dipper (who I assume is Colin Dipper's son?) says no - that for a large Hayden 'anything over a 58 button will mean a struggle for the player - at worst a struggle for the listener!' I would love to know why.


So, can John and the duet players please explain.

...I've heard of issues with staying oriented in a large button field. David Barnert has reported his experience with a large Hayden here.


I believe Patrick is referring to the 2006 post I mentioned yesterday in this thread. Read it here.

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