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Willie Van Wyk 40 Button C/g


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It occurs to me that rather than acquiring a C/G with more buttons I would have been better off picking up a G/D with the same amount!

This is a wonderful instrument with real concertina reeds - steel in brass shoes. Eight fold bellows - metal ends. Hook and spring action that is responsive and quiet.

If interested please PM me - I will not be listing this concertina anywhere else.

I would keep this concertina, my Cover and my Stagi if I could justify the purchase of another concertina in G/D!

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Out of curiosity, are you fixing to actually pick up a G/D, or just reflecting that it would've been the best call? ;)


Are you reckoning to get a Morse Ceili in G/D, or which? I've had some interest off and on in getting a G/D as it might be more intuitive to me (as a 1-row D melodeon player) than the whole all-over-the-rows modern C/G style of play.


I'm sure Wim has some reason for not yet offering a G/D "Rocky" counterpart to his C/G "Rochelle" model (like how for ECs there's the Jackie and Jack), but it is too bad for the G/D platform that the only <$1000 option is the Stagi.

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I think If I was offered the right amount for the Willie van Wyk I would then order a Ceili in G/D -possibly with an additional drone button on the left thumb and an extra bellows fold to give a little more air for those deeper notes. Maybe I'll strike it rich and be able to have both!

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