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A wonderful instrument, 'swing' tuned, which is at the dry end of the vibrato spectrum, two reeds per note. I have been trying to learn English concertina, and on an impulse bought this instrument a few months ago, dreaming that I could learn them both at the same time. I've realized that the English is where my heart is, and the melodeon, though it sounds great and plays easily, is complicating my life. Standard 8-bass buttons. There is one stop, which removes the thirds from the bass chords, giving a sort of suspended feel to the bass which goes well with Irish music. This melodeon is in 'like-new' condition, only three or four years old, and taken very good care of. The strap at the bass end of the instrument is fully adjustable with a thumb-wheel adjuster, which makes it easy to create an exact fit. The bellows are perfect, though if anything still a bit stiff from newness. Two shoulder straps, adjustable, come with the instrument, as does a hardshell case made specifically for the melodeon.


I have photos if you're interested. Email me at: macrane@prodigy.net


New this melodeon is $1400. I'm asking $750.00



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