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Who's Going To Nesi?

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I'd kind of like to be there, but, not this year, again. I will, however, be hearing some concertinas, at least for a short while on Saturday. I'm going to head north to the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival in New Hampshire. (It's a much shorter drive, for me! :wacko: )


I'd say, 'Too bad they're both on the same weekend,' but in my case that doesn't matter much, as I am not able to get over to the western edge of my fine home-state of Massachusetts, this weekend, anyway.


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I'll be going for the first time, which makes sense as I'm essentially a rank beginner with the concertina.


For those who have attended in the past, I know that bringing other instruments is encouraged, but what about sales of non-free reed instruments? I've got a small collection of inexpensive instruments that I no longer use that I would love to get off the shelf. Anything from an old 5-string Harmony Bakelite Banjo to a Xaphoon that my wife thought I would be interested in. Should I bother bringing these for the sale table, or is the group so free reed centered that it would be a waste of time?



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Likewise, David. What a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people -- not to mention listen, talk, learn, sing and occasionally squeeze out a few notes myself. An astonishing weekend. I have much to work on.


And right now -- on to the tune of the month for october!



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