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Concertinas Images Of Players And Fashion


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Okay so your gonna think this rather random. But could someone point me to images of some edwardian people with concertinas?

Why? you might ask (especially when I've been so quiet lately). Well I have this cunning plan...involving a concertina, busking and dressing in costume. I've rather got into sewing particually of the historical kind lately.


As you can see I have started with the blouse. ;)

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The Musical traditions photopage used to have soem nice old pics of concertina players but I haven't checked it recently. You may find some other period images there though for inspiration. Good luck.



this does remind me of my jacket skirt combo


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This brought to mind a picture of Crane Driver (of this forum) and his good lady on their home site:




(Andrew, in case you suspect you are being 'virtually stalked' I followed the link after buying one of your CDs)


Alternatively you might want to adopt Percy Honri's appearance, reclined busking?!


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I don't consider it random at all, as I do something similar with Western wear of roughly the same period.

And around Christmas time, I consider doing it, but never do.


And I agree with the others that Jodi's site is the place to go.



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