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House Dance Cdrom Onto Ipad


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Nice idea, and I've thought of it...that is how Warren Fahey has done some of his similar publications and it is slick. To make it happen, I need to get ipublish software and learn how to use it, and then reformat it all. That is on my to-do list, somewhere between going to the dentist for a crown and digging up a tree stump in the back garden!


In the meantime, you can open up the CD in read mode, and download all the music (which is filed separately by country and by performer) onto itunes.




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"UnRealBook" has that capability I believe. You can certainly associate music from your iTunes files with given pages of pdf files. I'm assuming you can then play and view, but have not tried it out. I may give it a try and if I do will post "for certain" results here.

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