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Kensington #006 30 Button C/g Anglo For Sale

Dana Johnson

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Kensington 30 button anglo C/G modified Jeffries layout, Made 2003-4 Excellent condition.

This concertina is from my early instruments which were not light. It has had the reed shoe ports brought current with the way I make them now, and has excellent response and sound from the lowest notes to the highest. This is a concertina reeded instrument, not a hybrid. Like all Kensingtons, it has a substantial dynamic range making it great for expressive airs and strong rhythms in Irish traditional playing. It is well able to hold it's own in a session, slow or fast.

I am always amazed when I get one of my early instruments back in for tuning, how good they sound. When I first send them off, they have a little edge to the tone that smooths out with playing, and I don't get to hear them at their full potential. I made them to sound the way I like best, and I sold my excellent C/G Jeffries while I was still playing #005 because I never played the Jeffries. That would still be the case with this one. I do like my current one better, but not by that much.

I will sell it on approval, but shipping must be paid by the buyer, with refund on receipt of the returned concertina.

The price I am selling it at is only slightly above it's original price representing the upgrade work I've done on it and tuning. If you are in the neighborhood you can come by and try it. A picture of a concertina exactly like this is on the front of my website at www.kensingtonconcertinas.com.

Dana Johnson

Kensington Concertinas

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