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Looking For A Course, Maybe Next Summer ... ?


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Hello, I'm new here, I bought my first (small 39 buttons) duet concertina this august.


For the moment, I'm learning by myself, finding it a bit hard (though somewhere exciting), but getting probably bad habits ..but no choice : I'm french and no teacher, nothing round here and I would greatly appreciate to find good advices and good habits, somewhere.


So my question is :


Is there (in England maybe - or probably ?) such a place (a summer festival for instance), where I could find such a thing ? I know duet concertina is not the most played roundhere, and maybe it will not be easy to find, but maybe somebody could have something to tell me.

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Hello and welcome to the world of concertinas.


The West Country Concertina Players association run weekend events in October and March with tuition on all systems. The October weekend is specfically aimed at beginners. check their website for further details:




best wishes



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I'm in the same situation as far as learning on your own goes. i do follow the tune of the month here, and folks are wonderfully supportive. I'm going to NESI (http://squeeze-in.org/) and hope to pick up some good direction there. It is just around the corner for me, but if you can do it, come on over. A Hayden duet round table/workshop thing is going to happen.

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thank you :wub:

the somerset week end in October seems so great but ... maybe I've not time enough to schedule it properly.

their site is very interesting, and I keep the project for maybe next year, or will think about the one in march.


The Massachussets américan site is gorgious too, though a transatlantic trip seems a bit complicated to organize ... but who knows ?? :unsure:






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I hope you do find a course or 'stage' for the Duet but in the interim....

you are,of course, welcome at our house (or we could organise a meeting somewhere) and perhaps I can help, at the least with your 'bad habits'....I have plenty of those too! :blink:


Best regards,


Thank you Geoffrey, I'm sure your bad habits are better than mine, so maybe we could organize something, life is long .. :rolleyes:

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