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Niall Vallely On Tour In Us


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Niall Vallely will be on tour in the US over the next couple of weeks with his brother Cillian on pipes (and for most of the gigs with guitarist Alan Murray)
Wednesday Sept 4th Boston, MA 7.30pm - The Burren


Thursday Sept 5th Fairfield, CT 7.30pm - (House Concert)

tmquinn@optonline.net (203) 362-5912.
Friday Sept 6th to Sunday 8th Mississippi Celtic Festival

Monday Sept 9th Silver Springs, MD 7.30PM - IMT Concert Series


Tuesday Sept 10th New York City, NY - Joe's Pub 9.30pm


Friday Sept 13th Berryville, VA 7.30pm - Shepherd’s Ford House Concert


Saturday Sept 14th Baltimore, MD 8pm - The Creative Alliance


Sunday Sept 15th Harrisburg, PA 7.30pm - Appalachian Brewing Company



More info at www.niallvallely.com and www.vallelymusic.com


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I love Naill, and wish him great sucsess.

I even understand why performers of small venues dont come to the far flung west.

But why is a romp through the Atlantic tide water region called a US Tour.


If you don't mind I'll cross post this at Chiff and Fipple?

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But why is a romp through the Atlantic tide water region called a US Tour.


Because "a US tour" has never meant a tour of every square inch of the US, nor every city, state, or even major region. As long as it's in the US, that's all that's required for "a US tour" to be an accurate description. Your "sour grapes" complaint is fact-free.


I even understand why performers of small venues dont come to the far flung west.

Don't they? They used to, at least now and then. When I was living in New York City, I twice saw Alistair Anderson in Seatlle, during years when his tours never seemed to bring him to the East Coast.


Have you considered trying to organize -- or at least encourage the coordination of -- West Coast tours for some of your favorites? Surely the useful venues haven't all disappeared since the '80s. In fact, I would think there would now be many more than back then, at least for Irish music.

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Naill is one of my favorites.


Why not contact him about the possibility of a West Coast tour? I'll bet some of our other members here could help with finding venues.


Oh, but it might help to spell his name correctly. ;)


Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!

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Here is a write up from a C&F member Cayden-

Last Thursday September 5th, 2013, I had the distinct honor to attend a house concert performed by Niall Vallely (concertina), Cillian Vallely (uilleann pipes and low whistle), and Alan Murray (guitar and vocals).

Given the reputation of all three of these fine musicians both collectively and on their own, as well as their collaboration with other artists and bands, I an sure everyone in attendance had high expectations, those surely having been met by this gifted trio.

The evening was punctuated by reels, hornpipes, jigs, airs, and even what Niall seemed to view as an obligatory polka. Masterful musicianship was displayed by all three in lockstep precision when playing together and sharing of their souls during solo pieces. An added treat to the brilliant instrumentals was the vocal performances provided by Alan Murray. For my ear, there was present a tonal quality shared by Murray and the late, great, John Lennon as might be heard during his singing of ballads. Niall served as spokesman for the trio throughout the performance and he delivered descriptions of the musical compositions played, with a tongue in cheek brand of humor that bespoke of a very modest persona shared by what might only be viewed as true genius within the genre of Irish Traditional Music. My humble opinion on the matter was clearly shared by many of the guests in attendance as I heard a number of them state, "it just does not get any better than that"!

For myself and some of the other guests that happen to play whistle, an added treat to an already perfect event, was the opportunity to chat with Cillian during the intermission between the first and second sets. Cillian was most gracious in answering our questions regarding many aspects of whistle and more specifically the low whistle.

I am quite certain that I could accurately state that all of us that were privileged with the opportunity to witness this incredible performance left the venue temporarily satiated with a magnificent "fix" for our addiction to great Trad, but clearly looking wantingly toward the next chance to attend a performance by these amazing artists. Should you get the chance to see them perform, don't hesitate one moment. icon_thumb_buis.gif

Cheers Mates,



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