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Checking My Cd's


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IMHO, you should have the GIG CB cd's. Wonderful english "contra-band" music by a group including our esteemed member Alan Day. Fantastic tunes, fantastic arrangements, and wonderful instrumentation!!! They are available on the GIGCB website. (That, btw, is "Georges Inn Giant Ceili Band")


For those who enjoy French music, Alan also played concertina and, I believe, melodeon on both of the Rosbif albums. Those will be hard to come by, but absolutely essential recording of French country dance music!

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For those who enjoy French music, Alan also played concertina and, I believe, melodeon on both of the Rosbif albums. 

Well, thanks, Daniel. I sort of knew this, but you spurred me into searching on Rosbif music, which led me to a midi of their Rosbif Waltz on mudcat. This is one of the loveliest tunes I've found in quite a while. Check it out by clicking on the Rosbif Waltz link.

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That midi is fine, but you MUST hear the recording. Thanks for the link, because with all the music I am working on, I often miss some of the gems I should have mastered long ago. We have to find some way to have the Rosbif music reissued on CD!!!! That is more than a hint, Alan, it is a solid request!!

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Thank you Daniel for your kind words re GIGCB and Rosbif.

I only played melodeon on a couple of tracks on the first LP and managed to talk Mel Stevens into the delights of a concertina with the hurdy gurdy, so thankfully for us all, my melodeon playing was made redundant from then on.

The Rosbif Waltz so called was collected by Mel in France and as far as I know had no name but I will talk to Mel this evening and check that out.Mel the driving force behind Rosbif went to many Folk festivals and concerts and wrote out the music for all the Traditional French music he heard.At that time no French traditional or traditional style music books were available.Mel wrote two books called Massif Traditional French music and amazingly many are sold in France.If I can get Rosbif re done in CD format Mels book is useful in conjunction with the music if you like to have les dots.

I have tracked down the distributor of the records and I will report back if

A) He has some records left, or B) if he is interested in releasing them in CD format.

The coincedence here is that last week I got an Email from someone who took my picture at Sidmouth requesting that Rosbif be in CD format.

Spooky substances!!


The answer to A) would appear to be that yes some records are still available

contact www(dot)netsoundsmusic (dot) com


Edited to say my B has turned into a smilie,I like it so it`s staying

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