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Checking My Cd's


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I found I am not getting tired of these since years


Noel Hill, The Irish Concertina

Chris Drowney, The Fertile Rock

Kitty Hayes, A Touch of Clare (except the last piece)


What are your favorites and what would you recommend to fill the oldish cardbox up with that houses them, beside a dozen of others that I might get tired of now and then but nevertheless love, like


Noel Hill & Tony McMahon, I gCnoc na Graì

John Williams, Steam

John Williams Nr. 2

Gearóid O'Hallmhuráin,Traditional Music from Clare and Beyond

Mary McNamara, Traditional Music from East Clare


Going to play the lottery now, first . :)

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Hugh Healy & Colm Healy: "Macalla na hOige". (Concertina and Button Box). Of my collection of 30 or so concertina CDs this is definitely my favourite.


The music is energetic, they cover a range of styles (ie not just jigs and reels) and you can tell that they are having a lot of fun doing it :D



Morgana B)

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I am particularly fond of my Father Charlie Cohen CD the one with his brother on flute. It's a very different style compared to Noel Hill and John Williams, more...relaxed? I pull that one out when I want concertina music to soothe.

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Tim Collins - Dancing on Silver - all time favorite

All of Mary Macnamaras 3 cds


Latest cd - John Kirkpatrick - The Duck Race - totally border morris, totally concertina/meolodian/button box - really listenable, easy to play dance music

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"Absolutely Classic. The Music of William Kimber"


Absolutely Essential!!!!!!!


A wonderful CD which also includes recordings of William Kimber speaking AND historical video clips of William Kimber in addition to a chunky booklet chock full of Kimber & Morris dance history.


Among other places this is available from

The English Folk Dance & Song Society at




Also, just listened to and purchased at NESI

Tim Laycocks' "Fine Colours"

Gorgeous Duet playing.

This CD goes to my currently listened to top 10 pile.


Many thanks to the Duet contingent at NESI.

Gave me a lot to think about about playing possiblilties and gave a me fascination of sorts for this amazing instrument.


Any other Duet CD's out there can anybody can recommend??


Also I recently saw a listing somewhere for Tim Collins "Dancing on Silver"

but I can't remember where.

Where can one (I!) get a hold of it.





PS: Also recommended and much appreciated, ANYTHING on which John Kirkpatrick plays (and sings) anything!!!!!!

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This is all very subjective and personal.... but here goes


Irish style

Just got a copy of Planxty - "the collection" - (from amazon) absolutely fantastic Irish traditional music - no concertinas listed on the slieve notes.


Last night's fun - "tempered". excellent album. Chris Sherburn playing a Steve Dickinson "Wheatstone" accompanied by guitar and uillean pipes


Noel Hill and Tony Linnane - recorded in 1979 on tara records - the CD doesn't seem to have a title but fantastic concertina and violin!


Niall Vallely - "beyond words" - unbelievable breakneck speed - but still has a great rhythm.


Agree with others regarding Mary Macnamara's 3 albums.



"English" style Anglo playing

No CD but there are tapes of Scan Tester playing on a cassette tape "I never played to many posh dances" from "Veteran Tapes" in Suffolk, UK

Two CDs by Will Duke and Dan Quinn "Scanned" and "Wild Boys" (Will Duke plays one of Scans concertinas and both albums include material from Scan's repertoire)


As previously mentioned William Kimber - Absolutely classic


John Kirkpatrick - plays anglo, melodeon and button accordeon. I have most of recordings. Highlights in my opinion are 2001 "Mazurka Berserker" and 1998 "One man and his box". if you are interested in learning English tunes John has published a book called "John Kirkpatrick's English Choice 101 English Dance tunes" There are two accompanying CDs as well.


Brass Monkey - 4 albums of English song and dance music using, trumpet, guitar, trombone, anglo, melodeon and percussion - very exciting stuff! My favourite would be 2001 "Going and staying". There is a song called "A maiden sat a-weeping" on that album played on an anglo in D minor that sends shivers down my spine!


that's my two peneth :D


all the best,




edited to change Norfolk to Suffolk :rolleyes:

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<snip> There is a song called "A maiden sat a-weeping" on that album played on an anglo in D minor that sends shivers down my spine!


I have John KP's handout from Kilve a few years ago with "A maiden sat a-weeping" melody and chords if anyone is interested. My wife and I do it with me on English which is probably not quite as good as Brass Monkey :unsure:

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I got a copy from e-bay (uk)

So did I! (Sarah Graves CD).


I really like it, though I have only listened to parts of it so far, since after I put it on to play I got busy and was in and out of the room. (This is so often the case....I have few new CDs with which I've really spent much time.)


My latest purchase is Volume I of a set of Regondi...or, wait, did I buy Volume 2...I think it's I. Got it at the Button Box. Anyway, I really like that, and wish that I'd bought both volumes. Maybe next time I'm out there!

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