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C Jeffries Bb/f For Sale!


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This Concertina has been sold!

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I believe this to be a late C19th / early C20th instrument.

It was one of a collection belonging to the late Chris Chipchase & although he had a number of Jeffries, this was his favourite.
It is a beautiful looking instrument, very loud & very easily played with the characteristic bark of a quality Jeffries Concertina.
The reeds are all in tune & the bellows are only a few years old & are like new.
To hear this Concertina in action, visit my site:
Concertina Tunes from North Antrim: http://angloconcertina.podbean.com/
I would prefer to sell this instrument in Ireland, as I do not wish to send this it by post.
However, although I live on the North Coast, I am willing to travel to meet the lucky buyer ~ half-way.
I bought this lovely Concertina about two years ago, but for the past year, due to a muscle problem in my left arm, I have been unable to play more than a couple of tunes, on Concertina or Fiddle, at any gig or session. Despite Physio. this problem refuses to get any better, so rather than just gathering dust here, I have reluctantly decided to let this one go on to a new home, where it will receive much more deserved playing attention than I can or will be able to give it.
A few members here will perhaps remember this instrument, including anyone who bought any of the other Chris Chipchase Concertinas & anyone who knows me, or has bumped into me.
It owes me £4,000 & I have no desire to make any profit on it, I only wish it to go to a good home.
I won't be putting it on eBay, so the first genuine matching offer will secure this fine Concertina.







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For the record, this terrific Concertina was reserved within 5 mins of me posting the details on the Irish Concertina page on Facebook & snapped up, within 24 hours!


It has now found an excellent home in Dublin, where it will be well played & looked after by an expert musician.




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i saw it and after recovering from my swoon, nearly posted a wager that it would be snapped up faster than you could say, "lengstrom pony," but it sold before i could get around to it....

Well I can assure you, Ceemonster, that it won't get a minute to gather any dust in its new home. :D




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