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First Post: What Concertina Should I Buy (Concertina Wanted)

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Just to warn you that if you do decide to go for a Rochelle and notice that you can get something that looks just like a Rochelle off the Internet for half price, or less, then do not assume that such a beast is really a Rochelle because it is not.


I think that the Concertina Connection uses the same Chinese-made carcass as these boxes, but the functional parts are not the same. The only way to get a cheaper Rochelle is to look for a used one. They do come up occasionally, but not that often.


Good luck,



Thank you for the warning however I am looking around for a "true" concertina - if I did get a Rochelle I would get the one of Hobgoblin but thanks for the warning - I will watch out. Interesting that they both use the same cases hmmm.



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