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Sell Or Donate - No-Name 30B Anglo


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In my continuing efforts to reduce the amount of goods in my possession -- particularly those that I do not regularly use, I am wondering if this warrants selling or if it is better off as a donation to someone or some school or folk music center who can put it to good use.


I would say it's in good to very good order. There are no leaks in the bellows, all buttons function properly and all reeds sound. There is no case.


I could never get the hang of the bisonoric technique, so I have only tinkered with it now and then -- each time to confirm that I'm a unisonoric kind of guy.


Upon inspection for a maker or other mark, I discovered that the reeds are installed with screws and felt which surprised me as I expected to find the reeds glued into place.


Here are three photos. Perhaps those who know about these instruments can identify its origin and opine as to whether it is something that is appropriate to sell or more reasonably/properly considered as a donation.


Be Well,



It looks like a Bastari/Stagi W-15. These have been around for decades (I played one myself in the early 1980's) and they're a pretty good starter Anglo. They often come up on eBay and seem to typically sell there in the $200-$300 range in decent condition.

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This post and previous ones give me the impression that you are a generous, gentle soul. Maybe you should make contact with "badok88", a newbie who is looking for advice on an affordable starter on the "General" forum.

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Thanks to all.

The concertina is off to Jake's (badok88) place, tomorrow.

Extremely delightful and thoughtful young lad.

All of you Anglophiles, please encourage and mentor him along.

And when he acquires his next concertina, he will hopefully pass this one on to another who can benefit from it.

Be Well


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