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International Understanding: Anglo & Balalaika

Wolf Molkentin

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Here's just another concertina sighting (currently tagged with "Ziehharmonika" on eBay):




It's a screenshot/postcard from the German "Sandman" serial (originated in the former GDR "Fernsehfunk" but kept up after "Wende" and reunification for at least several years).


(O.k., it might rather be a German 20 button "Scholer")

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I miss the times, when "real 3D" stop-motion animation was so popular...


I can't recall any names now, but I remember, that concertina showed up on at least a couple of other children tv shows and animations in '80 and '90 - probably because of it's size that fits characters better than an accordion. Intrestingly, they were almost exclusively western (US or UK) productions or... Russian. This makes me wonder about historical concertina popularity in Europe: it was known in UK and Ireland, in Germany and in Russia, but completely unknown in central europe - Poland, Ukraine and Baltic coutries all have rich accordion tradition, Czech and Slovakia have both accordion and chemnitzer tradition, in southern countries like greece, italy or spain they play mostly accordions (in at least one of these countries word "concertina" is used to describe a diatonic accordion).

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