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I have noticed recently that in its lists of "related" videos, YouTube has begun including things not even remotely related, including what are apparently (I have not tried watching them) blatant advertisements for things in which I have no interest whatsoever.

Well, there's your problem. You've deleted your cookies so much that Google can't figure out what you're really interested in. No wonder they've got to scrape the barrel. =)

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No wonder they've got to scrape the barrel. =)


My first reaction to that suggestion was that Google and YouTube wouldn't have anything to do with something as technologically primitive as a barrel. Then I remembered this video, recalling that "retro" is "in" and that they're in the habit of carrying things to extremes. So maybe "scrape the bottom of the barrel" is indeed their prime algorithm. ;)

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Ad Block Plus browser plugin helps.


Ad Block Plus is a great help on many websites. I use it and I don't see any ads on Yahoo, Facebook, or even C.net. But I would make an exception for c.net if it was only displaying ads from members of the concertina community.

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