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I have heard a couple different theories on the Linota name with the most intriguing being that 'Linota' was the name of Wheatstone's top reed maker. However, after a discussion with Randy Merris at this year's Midwest NHICS about this same topic it occurred to us that this may simply be the name that Wheatstone gave to all their Anglos in the earlier part of the 20th century (at least through the 20's). In fact, I've never heard of an English bearing this name (has anyone else?)


As far as I can tell, there is no mention of the word 'Linota' in the Wheatstone ledgers, including the entry for my instrument which clearly is marked Linota on the handbars. Also, there doesn't appear to be any real consistency in the quality of sound or appearance of instruments that are marked "Linota" so I don't believe it is a particular model of Anglo. I've seen nicely crafted instruments of both the metal ended and wood ended variety bearing this name as well as poorly crafted instruments (going by appearance only) also marked 'Linota'. In addition, I've heard stories of bad sounding Linotas out there as well.


I wonder if there are any early 20th century anglos that are not marked 'Linota' out there. Anyone?



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Sorry I hadn'y replied before. Since I didn't know the answer to this I thought I'd ask Colin Dipper, since he should have seen more Wheatstone anglos than most. His answer is that Wheatstone did not apply the Linota name to all, or even most of their anglos. It appears they reserved it for their top models, in the same way they used Aeola for the top Englishes. In later years they stopped using it at all.



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