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Hayden Duet Elise: Accepting Offers(Located Italy)


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It would make sense to ship it to EU area I guess. I will post pictures later today. It has 2 years and works perfectly. All keys sounds and no mechanical issues. I can sell it alone or with its beautifull rock solid fly case. It is my intention to collect offers and ship just when back from holidays after 20 August. I will anyway read posts in this period, but just allow a bit more of time for responses.

Tonight will post pictures, I have not checked Elise actual price when new and have no idea of its value after two years.

We can mutually find the right deal price.

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Still for sale. Price request 150 Euro + shipping at pure costs with shipping method of your choice. Price is for the concertina only, no flycase, but we can work it out a special deal if you buy it as well. Anywayi can pack in very safe mode.

Thanxs for looking and hopefully requests. Its a great instruments to start with.

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