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A Concertina Maker In Ennis Co Clare

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Hi All,


I am trying to contact a Guy who once (10 years ago) had a trad musical instrument shop in Capel Street D7, but escaped to Ennis to build concertinas.

I have not talked to him since he left Dublin but I guess he is on this site somewhere :-)

My 67 MacCann needs a little attention and (apart perhaps Steve Dickinson) there are few people I would trust with it.

If anyone knows him please pass him my email pete_morrison@ML1.net




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He has his shop on the Ennis Road now. I am not sure he is still using concertina.net actively. Also remember it's Willie Clancy week and Miltown Malbay is having the best week long slice of summer in at least a decade so for the week responses may be slow.

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Only not "...located next door to Friel's (though it says Lynch over the door)..."

Stephen Chambers has moved again, to the Ennis road. It is still McNeill's Music.

This is where I will be showing concertinas and flutes through Willie Week, in a space shared by Chambers and The Brushstroke Cafe. Best iced coffee in Ireland! Thousands of tchotchkes ... And the best collection of flutes and concertinas anywhere on the planet ....

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