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Wanted: Wheatstone Air Lever

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Yes, I know they're about as common as hens' teeth, but is there anyone out there with a spare Wheatstone slide valve lever (like the one pictured) that they would be willing to sell? Or failing that, any other similar lever that could be adapted to the purpose?

This is the second Wheatstone to pass through my hands in the last fortnight where the lever has been missing. I think you'd have to try quite hard to break one, so I wonder where they go?

Anyway, if you think you can help, please drop me a PM, and earn my undying gratitude.



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Sorry, I can't help, but if you break down and have some fabricated, please put me down for a pair. I can't help but think mine are living on borrowed time. In fact, I suspect the demand for them would surprise you.

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Many thanks to all those who made generous offers and gave helpful advice, but I have now made one, with the aid of my trusty scrollsaw. I used brass sheet for the pivot post, and 1mm nickel silver sheet for the lever. The pivot is a piece of 3mm brass tube (I use it for lining damaged end-bolt holes),slightly flared at both ends, and filed flush. I wouldn't claim that it's indistinguishable from the original, but it does the job!

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