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Again - Lost Wheatstone 60's Tenor - Black With Metal Ends


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I will honestly put my hands up and say that I am an idiot and that perhaps this particular box is cursed as I have now twice left it in a taxi. I should also say that I have other concertinas and melodeons and I have never over several years managed to lose or leave any others behind.


So, deja vu - on Friday night around 11:30 PM, I got a taxi from Clapham Junction to my flat in SW11 London. I was carrying three bags as I had been out on a morris tour. I again left the instrument in the back of the taxi and realised too late that I was missing something.


Pictures are attached. I had put name tags on the instrument's hard case, but I had it in my gig bag that night - which of course was un-labeled.


If I get the box back, I am going to bungee cord it to myself from now on and most likely affix something to the box itself with my details.


If anyone comes across the box, I would be most grateful for any information. Should probably just go and drown myself now. Have notified TFL, Clapham Junction station and put postings on a local forum.


Thanks again.



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