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I'm Selling My Wheatstone English On Ebay


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Please see Ebay Item number: 3751578930 to look into my beautiful Wheatstone 48-key five-fold concertina. Concert pitch, built in 1913. I chose to put it on Ebay hoping to reach alot of concertina players. As you will see in my description, it is very playable, has a beautiful sweet sound, no problems. My email is lawrence4tilton@netzero.net. Feel free to email me if you want to ask more about it.


I love my concertina, but I'm a dancemom-mother of two and have not been playing it enough to do it justice. Now my daughter needs braces.


The Ebay reserve amount (lowest selling price) is $1800. Take a look! Its a beauty, especially to hear and play. I will miss it! -Susan

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:rolleyes: Well alot of interest was shown and bidding went up to $1050.00, but my Wheatstone didn't sell on Ebay because bidding did not reach my reserve amount of $1800. And that's ok with me because I'd rather keep it than sell it for less than that.


But I thought I'd let everyone know it is still for sale for $1800 if anyone is interested. I'm in Tilton, New Hampshire if you're nearby and want to come see it. Email me at lawrence4tilton.com. My name is Susan Lawrence. I think you can still view the pictures on Ebay at item # 3751578930. Thanks everybody!


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