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Another Please Help Identify...

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Sorry for having to ask, but this concertina on E-bay isn't familiar to me. I don't think it is any of the better makes like Wheatstone, Crabb, or Lachenal, but it doesn't look like your typical Scholer, Bastari/Stagi/Brunner, or cheap Chinese. It does have a mother-of-toilet seat finish.


It's here:





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It seems to be one of the rare double-reeded Anglos (and has some extra notes), which might be great if required. The overall quality may be doubtful OTOH, but at least it reads like a pretty fair description.


Thus not a great risk at the starting bid IMO,,,

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It's almost certainly a Bastari. I owned one of these for a while, but it looked better than it played. It had double reeds (unison-tuned - I would have preferred octave-tuned) but had a surprisingly weak sound for a double-reeded instrument, though I that the seller says that this one is loud. And mine, like the seller's, required a lot of work to make a sound. I'd say that this one is overpriced at $200.

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