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Wheatstone Ledger Question


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S.V. stands for Slide Valve (or Side Valve) or some word like that, and refers to the air release key being a little lever that is moved sideways to operate, by ones thumb on a English. Later on this can be K.V. meaning Key Valve when they started using air buttons.


W.S. stands for Wrist Straps.... désignâtes that the instrument was fitted with these.

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This is really helpful. One cannot help noticing that there are quite a number of other abbreviations used in the ledgers. Some seem to mutate/shift over time (and perhaps by clerk) as Geoff notes with SV and KV.


A full glossary of these abbreviations would be really helpful. Has someone already compiled one and put it in the public domain - or is this a piece of work waiting to be done?

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