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To Kruskalize A Tune, The Kruskalization Of A Tune

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Even so, rarely, I am asked to play tunes that just don't suit me on the Anglo. Thank goodness I love to dance.


Back twenty years ago when I played keyless wooden flute, I'd welcome the occasional tune that went beyond my instrument. A chance to hit the head, or get another pint!


Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there.


Another strategy I've used, back in the early days of my band Grand Picnic (1985?), back before I had learned all the tunes on concertina... I brought a small drum to dances with bundled sticks and a clamp to set it on a mic stand. Very portable and capable of an amazing variety of cool rhythms and dynamics. These days, I can now play all the tunes, but I still bring the drum to dances. When I kick it in, the dancers scream so I know they like it; that's the bottom line.

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