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Anahata And Friends - Cd In Aid Of Cancer Research

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I'm in a noisy train station right now, so I can't listen to the samples, but I just bought one anyway. I've never heard Anahata play something I didn't like, and one of my favorite tunes these days (Harliquin[sic] Air) I learned from



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From the "dark" side ie melnet .....

but including Mary Humphreys - English concertina[/size]




A nice set of tunes (I'm listening to the samples now) and a good cause.



Nice find. Ordered mine & will spread the word.

If you go to the CD website http://www.outofreach.org.uk/ You can also buy and download the ABC s and PDF files for the music on the CD for a modest contribution.

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Got one at the weekend when Fendragon played at the Kemp's Men's ceilidh. Even though I thought I knew most of the tunes from sessions I used to go at Wilbraham, I am hearing something new in each one and the standard of play on the CD was much better than the session as well (probably 'cause I was not there). Excellent. I'm trying to play Juliana again, correctly this time, as I think this is a lovely piece.


Support for Cancer Research is also important to me as my son is currently in remission from colon cancer for the second year and now has a chance to see is daughter grow up.

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