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1000th Post

Tom Hall

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I just noticed that the number of posts has passed the 1000 point. Anyone know who was the 1000th poster. This milestone needs to be recognized

Well, given that at about the same time Jim passed the 100 mark, that puts the chance of it being him as 1 in 10, *much* better than the next best candidates, Dave Barnert and me at 1 in 20 each.


So I suggest that we assume it was probably Jim and give him the laurel.



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Amateurs, all of you!


Alright, so we start with the assumption that Jim Lucas made the 1000th post. So we find one of his posts and click on his user id.


We then click on "find all posts by this user". This brings up a page of every post he's ever made.


At the bottom of every post, it tells you what number it was with a line like "Post Preview: #XXX".


Scrolling down we see that Jim made posts 1002 and 996, but alas, not the elusive 1000.


However, that's a pretty good range to start with.


Post 996 was made on 9/11 at 2:07pm, and post 1002 was made on 9/11 at 6:03pm.


So now comes the tricky bit. If you look at the source of a typical discussion page, you'll see comments of the type:


<!--Begin Msg Number XXXX-->


So we just have to find the one with 1000 in it. Armed with our time knowledge we troll through the general discussion topics that meet our criteria. It doesn't take long to find the post.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 'twas Alan Day that made that 1000th post, when he uttered the immortal words:


"Thanks Dan,

That came as a suprise just before I fly to unknown Greek Islands.

Now how much was it I owe you?

Thanks again






To verify for yourself, go here: The 1000th Post , "view source", and look for 1000.

Alternately, view all posts by Alan , and search for 1000.

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I am sorry I missed this message and all the mathematics that went into it.

I do not even know why I was sending messages at that time of night when I was flying out at 4AM the next day.

I must give my thanks to Helen for letting me know(I wondered how she knew)and of course to Jim Lucus for getting me there so quickly.

I am still waiting for my prize ,but I expect it`s on it`s way.

Here`s to the next thousand.



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Weeellll, actualy Alan, I knew because I am psychic. I pressed my forehead up to the computer screen and "knew" that you were the one. The 1000th one. All this mathematical stuff was just icing.



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