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Our Cats Got No Hair On


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Right, if the headings got your attention, I need some help.

Messing around with the totm fiery clockface I was attempting to play a " set" adding the tune below in the middle as it does seem to sit well with the fiery clockface. Failed miserably but I'll keep trying. I managed to make a fair recording of the tune on its own, but the thing is I haven't a clue what it's called!

Now this is a tune I've know from childhood but,as a child my father would sing the first few bars with the works " our cats got no hair on, no hair on, no hair on- our cats got no hair on, de dum,de dum, de dah!

Listen and it'll make sense?


Full marks and a virtual bag of jelly babies to anyone who can a) recognise the tune despite my playing and b ) give it a name!



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