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Longer Northeast Squeeze-In?

Would you like a longer NESI....  

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I missed the Belden Tavern turn off. (By the way, I never saw the tavern, only a sign. Was that the tavern in the big gray looking house?)

Heading east on route 20, the only sign was beyond the tavern ... so when you saw the sign, you had just passed the tavern and the turn for Becket Rd. The sign referred to an auction business and had "Belden Tavern" in not-so-large print.


Jim Besser and I were staying in Lee, so we had three tries (Fri., Sat., Sun.) to make the turn. The first two times, we went past it and had to U-turn. Mind you, this was my ninth Squeeze-In, so I felt a little chagrined!


On our second attempt I figured out two reasons why we kept blowing by Becket Rd. The sign that formerly stood by the tavern itself was gone ... with just the two signposts that formerly held it remaining. And there was no pole-mounted street sign for Becket Rd., just a sign low to the ground, like one used to advertise homes for sale.


It occurred to me that the directions would be significantly enhanced if they were to include the mileage to the turn-off, in tenths, from the Mass. Pike toll booth. Maybe the folks at Bucksteep could supply that for next year.


Evidently the tavern is not a going concern, so there's not much hope of a session there.


Getting back on topic: An earlier start on Friday appeals to me.

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Evidently the tavern is not a going concern, so there's not much hope of a session there.

Maybe some squeezer could buy it cheap and reopen it as a tavern with regular music? Not precisely the same thing, I suppose, but a place where we did "concerts" after a few of the Scandinavian Squeeze-Ins is a lakeside restaurant that was established by a musician. Aside from preparing and serving meals, he performs there regularly (songs with guitar) and also hires groups for some nights. He's been doing well for a number of years.

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Hi everyone,

I voted to leave it as it is, but I like the idea of somehow getting together earlier on Friday. Is there a park nearby where we could hang out for a few hours on Friday? A tavern? I'd be a lot more likely to come up earlier on Friday than stay later Sunday. Monday wouldn't work for me.

bruce boysen

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Makes me lean towards a serious several days before the NESI or a separate multiple-day event maybe in the spring?


I really like the spring idea, as long as it doesn't conflict with NEFFA or morris season, which generally starts right after NEFFA!


For a school teacher like me, it wouldn't be possible to come for several days in Sept. A week in the summer, now, that would be a possibility...

(I know, that wasn't one of your suggestions, but I can try!)

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I voted for extending it on Sunday, but I also like the idea of starting it earlier on Friday--I always take the day off anyway, so I'd just leave earlier in the day. And Sunday is shot anyway, so why not take the whole day?


That said, I wouldn't be able to go if it was a week-long event. I'd prefer it stay as is. The beauty of the NESI is it's affordable both in time and money. No offense, but I have many other interests and I wouldn't want to have to choose between NESI and, say, a week in the Catskills at Klezkamp, or a weekend in Quebec for Danse Neige, or Montmagny, or to Maine for Meadowlark, etc. Being a poor working stiff (with 2 kids in college), I would rather have 2 much-needed musical getaways at different times of the year than just one long one.


To sum up: a long weekend, yes; a whole week, no.



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