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Lachenal English Concertina For Sale


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I'm looking to buy a new concertina and while I wanted to hold onto my lovely old Lachenal, I've realised that I'll need to sell it to fund my new purchase. I bought it only a few months ago in restored condition, tuned to modern concert pitch from Chris Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas in England. Here's how he described it:

"This is a rare and unusual Lachenal English concertina from around 1880-serial number 20829. It has rosewood ends, bone buttons, brass reeds and 4 fold bellows. It has been restored and is tuned to concert pitch.
What is unusual about it is that it appears to have been made in the 1880's and yet it has all the design hallmarks of a concertina from the 1840-50 period. It has pine baffles behind the fret and is stamped for," Chappell & Co, 50 New Bond St London W"
These baffles give it that beautiful "early" tone. It is very gentle and mellow as the sound has to get past the baffles. It would make a wonderful instrument for song accompaniment as it plays quickly enough, will not compete with a voice and the tone is so pretty."

The tuning is spot on, the bellows are fine and the woodwork is undamaged, save for minor marking. No issues to report. No case, I'm afraid, but will be securely packaged in a double box.
Reduced! I'm looking for 550 euros, or the equivalent in pounds sterling, which includes insured postage within Europe. I'd consider offers from further afield but postage would be extra.
I'll try to record a sound file if required.
Thanks for looking

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Hi. I am wondering if you have sold your Lachanal, as I am looking for a student quality instrument. I am familiar with Chris whom you bought from and think perhaps the instrument might suit, as I would like a gentle sound. I'm very much a beginner on the concertina though do play the piano. I would be very interested to hear a sound bite if you were able to arrange one, but anyway would be grateful if you could let me know if you have sold as am otherwise possibly interested in another of Chris's instruments. I am in Chichester, England.

Thanks and best wishes,

Vince Powell.

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