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Wanted Maccann System In Playing Order For Beginner


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I've got two friends who foolishly decided they'd like to play concertina. So I lent them my spare 46 key. The older of them was playing for dance after three weeks whilst her daughter is, apparently, even better! So they're in need of something of their own. They're not 'folkies' particularly and so have few, if any channels of action other than Ebay. If anyone thinks they can supply something playable at a reasonable price I'd love to pass the info on to my star students. Thanks.

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Well, I've got one for sale. See the thread entitled:

OK, it's time to sell my first concertina

which I started on 29th November 2011. I've still got it, because I haven't been very proactive about trying to sell it.


I don't know what you call a reasonable price, but I would be looking for about £1500 I suppose.

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If your student is happy with a 46-key, I have available a Lachenal wooden-ended 46-key Maccann, for which I would accept less than half what Maccannic is asking for his superior instrument. It was fully restored within the last 5 years, though there are some details which I will acquaint you with if you are interested. Again I haven't been very proactive about selling it because the market is very sluggish. Probably if you were brave you could be very lucky on ebay, but obviously will have to wait for the right one and then may or may not find yourself competing against another serious bidder.

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