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Getting An English Tuned In The Nyc Area

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I purchased my concertina, a Concertina Connection Jack (a Chinese-made English baritone), at the Button Box in Massachusetts. I now find I need to get it tuned. I'd like to bring it back to the Button Box, but it's a 12-hour round-trip for me.


Can anyone recommend a shop in the NYC area that can do this for me? I live in central NJ.


Edit, for clarity: I can search Google as well as anyone. What I'd love is a recommendation from someone who's had their instrument worked on in this area.

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If you don't find anyone in your area, I'd suggest packing it up and sending it to the Button Box by your favorite method (USPS, Fed Ex, etc.). I've used USPS to send an Aeola to Greg Jowaisis (and he sending it back to me the same way), insured, at not a great cost. Since insurance on your Jack would be far less, it shouldn't be too big an expense. Certainly, cheaper than driving!

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Mr. Bailey:


As it happens, I'm in NYC once or twice a month and often go from there (or through there) to visit my son, who lives a couple of miles from the Button Box. If you're inclined to discuss this, please call me [ 301 933-9834 ]or write via private E-mail. I'll gladly take your instrument there for no charge and leave it in their care.

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Google appears to be your friend



Yes, but Google doesn't give me personal recommendations.



Indeed, while a Jack is more like an accordion than a Wheatstone is, it's also different enough that I'd want to know in advance that any particular accordion repair shop had prior (successful) experience with one.

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