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Making Rehearsals - A Rant

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I am currently rehearsing with a couple of different bands, Squeezers and Ein Lanu Z'man. For both we have a pretty regular rehearsal schedule.

Now I am realistic that we have busy lives and most of us make our living in other ways than musicians. Some of us are retired and some are young and lighting out on our own.

But taking music seriously to improve and develop is not just daily practice. And putting yourself out there is more than a YouTube video. Especially if you want to develop yourself and your playing outside yourself. So I am amazed, especially with booked performances and many opportunities to perform ahead, how people don't show up for a rehearsal, don't call to let you know, and then don't communicate after as to why they were not there.

I guess I have officially hit alter-kocker status that this irks me to the point of a posting.


just saying...



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When I was in a band, when we'd meet up for a practice it seemed someone was always hungry so we'd leave the instruments still in their cases and go out for some Vitamin M (Mexican food, margaritas) etc. As a result, we usually practiced "on stage".....and sometimes it probably sounded like it too!



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