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Edgley 30-Button C/g Anglo Concertina For Sale


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For sale: Edgley C/G anglo concertina, 30-button, built in June 2006. Standard
Wheatstone fingering. I'm the original owner; I bought directly from Frank Edgley.
Serial #136. Wood ends, cherry, with dark mahogany stain, ornamented with Frank's
'Celtic Lion' scrollwork design. The buttons are black delrin, very comfortable and easy
on the fingers. Comes with its original Sean Fallon case.

I've had no mechanical problems at all. Buttons, springs, lever arms, pads, have never
given me any trouble, and are all in excellent condition. All buttons and all reeds work
well, and quickly.

The bellows are well broken in, and as perfect as the day they were made. There are
no scratches or dings of any kind on the concertina, nor on the leather of the bellows.
I've finally realized that I can't get to be a good player of both English and Anglo
concertina, and I've been spending most of my playing time with my Lachenal English
for the last couple of years. I've decided to find a new home for my Edgley anglo,
sorry as I am to see it go.

With the case, I paid about $2400. I'm asking $2000.00.


Please email me at macrane1@verizon.net and I'll be happy to send you more photos. Or answer any questions you may have.




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